Pest & Disease Management

Pest and Disease Management

In this section, images of problems submitted by farmers and solution by experts will be featured. You can also submit images to this WhatsApp number 9964475109 or 9902273468

Leaf Miner incidence

No need of spray. But, since plants are small when new flushes come, a spray can be given. Profenophos or monocrotophos at 1.5 ml/l

Expert: Dr. K. Vanitha, Entomologist, ICAR-DCR, Puttur


Problem of flower drying in cashew

15*15 spacing. 9 years old. Pruning looks good with adequate sunlight. 2 insecticide sprays before flowering. One along with wettable sulphur just during the inflorescence initiation but before flower opening phase. Subsequently, 2 sprays of insecticide and fungicide combination at an interval of 15 – 20 days each. Least activity of bees seen. Recently kept 2 bee boxes. Both staminate and perfect flowers seems to be there in the inflorescence. The aspect is sloping south towards north . Last year there was low setting in the first phase. But moderate in the second phase. Started irrigation this year. So to postpone the flowering phase they were irrigated in December. Though flowering looks jubilant setting is quite poor this year. Suggestions please. – Nagendra Hegade from Sirsi, Uttara Kannad district.

Suggestion: Stop spraying insecticide and fungicide or anything. Because of this only, there is no activity of bees. Start irrigation once a week. This will build up humidity and help in setting. Bee visit also increases. Spraying is too much. It should have been need based. Please put potash next year in sufficient quantities which will help in setting. Humidity and pollinators are important. In summer, irrigation can be given once a week to aid in setting. After flowering start irrigation.


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Expert: Dr. Mohana,G.S., Sr. Scientist (Gen. & Cytogen.), ICAR-DCR, Puttur