Paid Services


Sale of cashew graft:- DCR has a cashew nursery accredited by National Horticultural Board (NHB) to cater need of planting material. Softwood grafts of varieties like Bhaskara, Ullal-3, Ullal-3, VRI-3, Vengurla-7, Vengurla-4, Dhana etc. are available for sale in the nursery between June to August every year.

Soil testing:- Soil analysis is done for various parameters such as pH, EC, Organic Carbon, CEC Exchangeable Calcium, Magnesium, available N,P, K and micro nutrients such as Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn. A charge of Rs. 40 per sample per parameter will be collected or as decided by the DCR.

Advisory service:- Advisory service on all aspects of cashew cultivation and processing is given to growers and stake holders through pamphlets, brouchers, media and other publications.

Soil Health Card:- Soil health cards for different cashew growing regions are being prepared and distributed to farmers

Consultancy:- This Directorate offers the consultancy to the large cashew growers based on requests. This Directorate has the expertise in the field of Cashew Varieties, Canopy Management, Rejuvenation, Propagation and Nursery Management, Soil and Water Conservation Techniques, Intercropping in Cashew, Pest and Disease Management and Cashew Processing. These aspects are dealt by the scientific experts in the disciplines of Horticulture, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Soil Science, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Agricultural Structure and Process Engineering etc. The consultancy fee are charged as per the ICAR guidelines.