The Director is the administrative head of the Directorate.  The  Institute  Management  Committee (IMC),  Research  Advisory  Committee  (RAC)  and Institute  Research  Committee  (IRC)  assist  the Director in the matters relating to the management and  research  activities  of  the  directorate respectively. The research and extension on various aspects of cashew are conducted in five sections viz., Crop improvement, Crop management, Crop  protection,  Post  harvest  technology  and Transfer  of  technology.  The  institute  also  has different  laboratories  for  sections  of  Horticulture, Soil  Science,  Plant  Breeding,  Plant  Physiology, Biotechnology,  Plant  Protection  and  Postharvest Technology.  The  other  facilities  available  at  the directorate  include  Audio  Visual  Laboratory, Priority  Setting,  Monitoring  and  Evaluation  Cell (PME),  Institute  Technology  Management  Unit (ITMU),  Agricultural  Knowledge  Management Unit  (AKMU),  Vigilance  Cell,  Women  cell,  Library and  Museum.  The  Directorate  also  functions  as headquarter for the All India Coordinated Research Project on Cashew.