About Library


NRCC Library (presently DCR library) was established in 1988 to support cashew research in India


In 1988, the library which was accommodated in a small room of the dormitory of NRCC Experimental Station (presently Directorate of Cashew Research), Shanthigodu has been shifted to DCR Laboratory cum Administrative Block building in 1990. In course of time, it has grown in its size and services and moved to a separate building with 300 m2 area in 2006. The new library has been provided with facilities for adopting latest information storage & retrieval techniques.


  • To build and maintain a modern scientific library devoted to plantation crops especially on cashew.
  • To acquire and build up a wide range of publications including books, monographs, treatises, reference books, journals, proceedings, CD-ROM and other digital media.
  • To provide information services for the user community by adopting Information and Communication Technology techniques.
  • To maintain liaison with other sister organizations for exchange of information.
  • To supply copies of available documents in the library on request.
  • To serve as a national clearing house for information on cashew.