Library Services

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):

The library is automated with fully integrated multi-user Libsys software working under Windows 2003 server. The OPAC facility of the Libsys is made available through the server to all the desktops. The users can locate the required documents by using any keyword of the subject or Author or Title of the document. From the OPAC, the reader can also identify the status of document (whether available in the library or issued out). It allows combination searches by the use of Boolean logic technique (AND OR NOT). In addition to the above users can access Article database through OPAC, which contain more than 1200 entries of abstracts of research articles published on cashew throughout the world. Under NATP Library digitization programme this library received a sum of Rs. 25,000/- for digitizing library documents. Under this , the total reprint collection of this library has been digitized in PDF file format. This also linked to the OPAC under E- Resource to facilitate full text access of research papers to all the library users of this Directorate.

Reprography Service

Photocopying services are available on request to provide information to the clientele. Services are extended free of cost to official requests forwarded through competent authority. Personal requests are entertained at the rate of Rs. 0.75/- page.

Inter Library Loan

The library is sharing its resources with sister organizations / libraries. Documents are issued on loan to the libraries on request. As DCR library is  a member of Consortium of e-Resources on Agriculture of  ICAR the document delivery service (DDS) was carried out by this library based on the request received from all member institutes of CeRA.

Resource Sharing

DCR Library is one of the members of CeRA Libraries it is sharing the information resources of this library to all the member libraries of the Consortium on request.

Access to Online Databases/ Journals

The Library is subscribing Online  database of CABI  and  some online journals which are made accessible to all the users on their desktops.


Internet services are provided on all library computers via NKN Network and BSNL Fiber Optic Broad Band  connection. Readers are allowed to use the internet from library computers.


Bar coding of all the available library documents have been done using Basawa Barcode Labeler and circulation of library documents was automated. All members were issued with bar coded membership cards. Checks out and check in were monitored using Libsys software. The number of documents issued depends on the category of the user.