ICAR-Directorate of Cashew Research

Puttur – 574 202, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka


I. Various incubation models available for incubatee at ICAR-DCR are

    • In house processing – Custom hiring facility for cashewnut processing
    • Innovative technology in processing for commercialization
    • Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for new startup.
    • Value addition and packaging
    • Consultancy for specific problem in cashewnut processing


II.  Facilities available at Agri Business Incubation (ABI), ICAR-DCR is given below

Sl. No. Facility / Machinery Installation capacity Remarks
1 Raw cashewnut grader Grading capacity 150 kg per hour Electrically operated rotary sieve grader
2 Steam boiler 320 kg (1 No.) /                    60 kg (1 No.) Wood or cashew shell cake fuel fired and twin bottle type
3 Shelling machine Hand cum pedal operated (6 Nos.) / Automatic shelling machine (2 Nos.)(25-30 kg per hour) Manual and mechanically operated machines
4 Kernel dryer Convective dryer – 25 kg / 35 kg /100 kg capacity per batch Electrically operated tray dryers
5 Peeling machine Automatic peeling machine (60 kg unpeeled kernels per hour) Peeling table (1 No.) is available
6 Grading Manual grading Grading table (1 No.) is available
7 Packaging Heat sealing unit (1 No.) and Vacuum Packaging unit (Brick packaging) – 25 kg per hour Manually operated
8 Cashew apple juice extractor Hydraulic type juice extractor  (75 kg of cashew apples per hour) Batch type and electrically operated


III. Details of charges to be levied on availing the facilities are mentioned below

Sl. No. Particulars Individual Group Remarks
1 Membership 2000 5000 To register with the incubation centre to avail facilities.
2 Training (5 days) @ Rs 1750/- per head and a minimum of 5 persons 8750 8750 For in house training excluding boarding and lodging charges.
3 Market network 3500 3500 Preparation of market report only.
4 Rental charges / month @ Rs 4000 4000 4000 Charges for providing office facility only.
5 Custom hiring* of facility @ Rs 20/ kg (Minimum of 160 kg) Actual Actual Only for machinery, but for labour and consumables actual charges to be paid extra.

*Irrespective of number of machines utilized, a security deposit of Rs 5000/- should be paid in advance


IV. Period of operation will be SIX MONTHS from the date of completion of trial-run.

V. Period of operation may be extended to SIX MORE MONTHS, if required and approved by the competent authority.

VI. The selected individual/firm needs to register as an Incubatee of Agri-Business Incubation Centre, ICAR-DCR, Puttur by paying the registration fee (Rs.2,000/- for individual and Rs 5000/- for group or firm per annum) to avail the facilities.

VII. The selected individual/group/firm for in-house incubation has to deposit the required security deposit of Rs 5000/- (Rupees five thousand only) within 15 days from the date of communication. The selected incubatee shall be permitted to complete the processing within the approved period, failing which the incubatee will be terminated and caution deposit will be forfeited.

VIII. Application received will be scrutinized fortnightly (1st and 15th of every month; In case of holiday scrutiny will be taking place next working day.

IX. In case of more than one application for facility, the applicant will be asked to make a presentation on their proposed business plan to ABI and the Incubatee with the best business plan will be selected.


X. Other terms and conditions for utilizing the facilities are as in the following:

  • Operational cost of the unit (charges for raw material, water, electricity, labour etc.) is to be met by the Incubatee.
  • ICAR-DCR will not be responsible for any pollution, social or legal nuisance created from daily or intermittent operation of the Units. The Operator will be morally and legally responsible for any consequences arising from such circumstances. Any dispute arising out of the administrative or operational aspects of the unit are under the jurisdiction of Director, ICAR-DCR and his decision is final and binding on both the parties concerned.
  • Any certification to make the units commercially functional is the sole responsibility of the Incubatee.
  • The Incubatee will not use any of said premises of the Institute for any unlawful activity, with or without oral, written, explained or perceived understanding with any permanent or contractual staff of the Institute. The Incubatee will be solely responsible for any such activity and in such case, the contract will be terminated and the incubatee will be liable for any consequent civil or criminal cases as the case may be.
  • The Incubatee should not have any objection in pursuing periodical inspection by the representatives of the ICAR-DCR with or without any prior oral or written notice.
  • Repair and maintenance of the plant and machinery will be the sole responsibility of the Incubatee/Operator.
  • The Incubatee has to ensure from time to time the proper maintenance of the units along with surrounding/premises and has to hand over the premises in the same condition at which it was taken over, failing which the security deposit will be forfeited and necessary action deemed fit will be taken.
  • The manpower engaged for the operations of the units are required to be paid minimum wages, and other statutory liabilities as per the ‘Law of the Land’ and should follow all ‘Govt. of India/Karnataka – Rules & Regulations’ in this matter are to be met. Documentary evidence of statutory compliances has to be kept intact and to be produced to ICAR-DCR as and when required.

The competent authority may reserve the right to alter the terms & conditions according to the actual need and demand, without any prior notice.

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