Swachhata Hi Seva – 2018




15th September to 2nd October 2018 

Swachhta Hi Seva Campaign – Action Plan Schedule

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14-09-2018 Inauguration (Main Administrative Block)  Click Here
17-09-2018 Cleaning drive (Main Campus)  Click Here
18-09-2018 Cleaning drive (Main road side  – [ Guest House to Farm House] )  Click Here
19-09-2018 Cleaning drive (Ammunja Road, Mottethadaka)  Click Here
20-09-2018 Cleaning drive ( [work extended futher]  – Ammunja Road, Mottethadaka)
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22-09-2018 Awareness lecture on better sanitation practices such as using toilet, hand wash, and about mental, spiritual and occupational hygiene was delivered by Dr. M. Gayatri, Pragathi specialty hospital, Puttur.  Click Here
23-09-2018 Cleaning drive (Residential Campus)
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24-09-2018 Talk (Composting household waste into in situ – (DCR, Puttur)
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25-09-2018 Talk on Activity of Man effecting the nature – (DCR, Puttur)  Click Here  
26-09-2018 Folk song competition for staff – (DCR, Puttur)
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27-09-2018 Cleaning of streets, alleys, play ground etc.
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28-09-2018 Cleaning drive (Mukkrampadi junction)  
29-09-2018 Folk song competition for school children – (DCR, Puttur)
30-09-2018 Cleaning drive (Residential campus)  
1-10-2018 Rally – (Darbe junction to DCR, Puttur)
2-10-2018 Valedictory function – (DCR, Puttur)