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  • These minor pests are not serious pest at present as the damage caused by them is not serious. Removal and destruction of infested plant parts along with pest stages help to minimize their infestation and spread.
  • There are several predators like various species of spiders, syrphids, coccinellids, lace wing bugs, anthocorid bugs, reduviids, praying mantids, mantispid flies, predatory pentatomid bugs etc manage these minor pests to a greater extent. Besides, insect species specific parasitoids are also present in nature which also helps in minimizing population of several minor pests.
  • To manage bark eating caterpillar, removal of galleries plastered on tree trunk or pouring of kerosene during early stage of infestation is suggested. Application of quinolphos (2 ml/lit) or dichlorvos (2 ml/lit) either by injection or by inserting insecticide soaked cotton swab can also be followed.