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Leaf beetles and leaf weevils

Monolepta longitarsus Jal., Neculla pollinaria Baly (Chrysomelidae: Coleoptera), Deporaus marginatus (Curculionoidea: Attelabidae), Amblyrhinus sp.

  • Among several chrysomelid beetles attack cashew especially during post monsoon flushing period longitarsus and N. pollinaria are important defoliators.
  • marginatus occurs occasionally on tender shoots and nursery plants.
  • Since all other stages of these chrysomelid beetles remain inside the soil, only adult beetles are seen on cashew shoots.

Symptoms of damage

  • Beetles of longitarsus appear abundantly especially on young trees and skeletonise the leaves and tender shoots which gradually dry up. When nursery seedlings are attacked, the entire seedlings dry up.
  • N. pollinaria also attack the new flushes causing drying up of the shoots. Scrapping of the bark of tender shoots by the beetles appear as linear depressions.
  • D. marginatus weevils remain on the underside of the leaves and scrape the leaf surface resulting in minute feeding holes which appear as ‘windowpanes’ on young leaves
Neculla pollinaria adult

Damage by Monolepta longitarsus