Research Advisory Committee (RAC)


The third meeting of 8th RAC was held on 11th September, 2020 on virtual platform with the welcome address by Dr. Anitha Karun, Director (Acting), ICAR-DCR, Puttur. She presented the research highlights of ICAR-DCR for the year 2019-20 including administrative aspects. Dr. D.S. Rathore, Chairman, RAC in his introductory remarks emphasized about improving the profitability of stakeholders through input use efficiency. Members of RAC suggested on the need to develop good agricultural practices for cashew, adoption of technologies in use for mango viz., rock planting, soil management models, conservation horticulture for cashew, IPM modules for cashew pest management, influence of climate change, developing specialized strategy for cashew extension etc. Dr. S.N. Ojha remarked that All India Cashew Extension Network can be established by DCR and cashew map for extension can be prepared. Dr. B.K. Pandey, ADG (Hort.) mentioned that KVKs should be utilized for village development. Thereafter, action taken report on the previous RAC was presented by Dr. J. Dinakara Adiga, Member Secretary (RAC). Subsequently, presentations on progress of research were made by the scientists of DCR including new project proposals. Based on the presentations and discussions, the RAC made recommendations and suggestions.

Institute Research Committee

The 33rd annual meeting of IRC of ICAR-DCR, Puttur was held during 12-13th October, 2020 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Anitha Karun, Director (Acting). There were five technical sessions chaired by experts of the field: Dr. M. Sankaran, Principal Scientist (Fruit Science), Division of Fruit Crops, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru for Crop Improvement, Dr. H.P. Maheshwarappa, Project Co-ordinator (Palms), ICAR-CPCRI, Kasaragod for Crop Management, Dr. A.N. Shylesha, Principal Scientist (Entomology), Division of  Germplasm Conservation and Utilization, ICARNBAIR, Bengaluru for crop protection, Dr. V. Palanimuthu, Professor, Research Engineer and University Head (Ag. Engg.), AICRP (PHET), UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru for post harvest technology and Dr. Anithakumari, P., Principal Scientist (Ag. Extension), ICAR-CPCRI (RS), Kayamkulam and Dr. Chandran, K.P., Principal Scientist (Ag. Statistics), Division of Social Sciences, ICAR – CPCRI, Kasaragod for transfer of technology sessions. In each session, results of various ongoing projects were presented along with new project proposals by the scientists of DCR and the technical programme for 2020-21 was finalized.

ITMC meetings

In the current year, 15th and 16th Institute Technology Management Committee (ITMC) meetings were held on 29th January, 2020 and 21st September, 2020, respectively, under the Chairmanship of Director (Acting), ICAR-DCR. A total of seven technologies viz. Cashew apple RTS juice, Cashew apple jam, Cashew apple jelly, Cashew apple cider, Cashew apple crisp, Cashewnut sprout products and Cashew hybrid, H-130 were recognized for commercialization.

Institute Joint Staff Council (IJSC)

 The  IJSC  meeting  was  held  on  29  March  2019  under  the  chairmanship  of  Director  (Acting),  ICAR- DCR, Puttur at Kemminje campus of DCR and the agenda items were discussed for the benefit of DCR staff members.

Distinguished Visitors

Dr. M. Dattathreya Rao

Former Head, Department of Sociology, St. Philomena

College, Puttur, Karnataka.

31st January, 2020


Sri. Rajesh

Headmaster, Priyadharshini English Medium School,

Bettampady, Puttur, Karnataka

04th March, 2020


Dr. R. Selvamani

IAS Chief Executive Officer, Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat,

Puttur, Karnataka.

13th March, 2020


Mrs. Sindhu B. Rupesh

IAS Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Dakshina

Kannada, Puttur, Karnataka

06th June, 2020


Dr. Yathish Ullal Assistant Commissioner, Puttur Division, Puttur, Karnataka.

06th June, 2020


Sri. T. Ramesh Babu Tahsildar, Puttur, Puttur, Karnataka.

06th June, 2020


Sri B. Ramanath Rai

Former Minister of Environment and Forests of the State of

Karnataka, Puttur, Karnataka

06th June, 2020


Sri. Chaniya Kalthadka President, SulliaTaluk Panchayat, Puttur, Karnataka

17th June, 2020


Sri. Radhakrishna Borker President, Puttur Taluk Panchayat, Puttur, Karnataka

29th June, 2020


Sri. Saja Radhakrishna Alva President, Committee for Social Justice, Puttur Taluk Panchayat, Puttur,  Karnataka.

29th June, 2020


Sri. Boodiyar Radhakrishna Rai Former president of APMC, Puttur, Karnataka.

29th June, 2020


Sri. Prakash S. Netalkar

IFS Managing Director, Karnataka Cashew Development

Corporation Ltd, Mangaluru, Puttur, Karnataka.

29th June, 2020


Mr. Manjunatha

Hon’ble Principal Sr. Civil Judge & ACJM, Chairman, Taluk

Legal Services Committee, Puttur, DK, Puttur, Karnataka.

02nd November, 2020


Sri. Manohar, K.V. President, Bar Association, Puttur, Karnataka

30th December, 2020


Sri. Mahesh Kaje Advocate, Puttur, Karnataka.  
Shri. Suresh Rai Vice President, Bar Association, Puttur, Karnataka.

30th December, 2020


Shri. Manjunatha, N.S Secretary, Bar Association, Puttur, Karnataka.

30th December, 2020


Dr. Rajesh Bejjangala Director (Kannada Division), Kannur University, Kerala.

30th December, 2020