Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

The  second  meeting  of  8th  RAC  was  held during  26-27  April  2019.  The  Chairman  of  RAC, Dr.  D.S.  Rathore  discussed  about  recent  QRT recommendations  and  global  trends  in  cashew research  and  felt  the  need  to  align  the  research programmes  with  QRT  recommendations  too. Dr.  P.C.  Lenka,  member,  RAC,  felt  the  need  to devise  moisture  meter  for  cashew.  The  other  two members, Dr. Subhash Chander and Dr. K.B. Hebbar, also  made  introductory  remarks  about  various research needs. This was followed by a presentation about the Action Taken Report on the previous RAC  recommendations by Dr. J. Dinakara Adiga, Member Secretary,  8th  RAC.  Thereafter,  presentations  on the  progress  of  research  in  Crop  Improvement, Crop  Management,  Crop  Protection,  Post  Harvest Technology,  and  Transfer  of  Technology  were made by the scientists of DCR. After the completion of  deliberations  under  different  sections,  the Chairman  discussed  at  length  about  feedbacks from scientists, farmers, processors and consumers concerned  to  future  needs  of  cashew  research. Prior  to  the  meeting,  visit  to  processing  factories in  Mangaluru  was  undertaken  in  the  afternoon of  25  April  2019  and  field  visits  to  progressive farmers  fields  in  the  forenoon  of  26  April  2019. Based  on  the  presentations  and  discussions,  the RAC made recommendations for different research programmes.


Institute Management Committee

The 48th meeting of IMC was held on 7 February 2019 wherein IMC members interacted with QRT


Institute Research Committee

The  32nd  Institute  Research  Committee (IRC)  meeting  of  ICAR-DCR,  Puttur  was  held during 15-16 May 2019. There were four technical sessions  chaired  by  experts  of  the  field.  Dr.  A. Mohan  Rao,  Professor,  Department  of  Genetics and  Plant  Breeding,  UAS,  GKVK,  Bengaluru  was the  resource  person  for  the  technical  session  on ‘Crop Improvement’. Dr. Ravi Bhat, Head, Division of Crop  Production,  ICAR-CPCRI,  Kasaragod  was  the resource  person  for  ‘Crop  Management’.  For  Crop Protection  and  Post  Harvest  Technology  sessions, Dr.  Kamala  Jayanti,  Principal  Scientist,  Division  of Entomology  and  Nematology,  IIHR,  Bengaluru  and Dr.  Harinder  Singh  Oberoi,  Head,  Division  of  Post Harvest  Technology,  IIHR,  Bengaluru  were  the resource persons, respectively.  In each session, the results of various ongoing projects were presented along with new project proposals by the scientists of DCR and the details were deliberated. New project proposals  included,  Generation  mean  analysis  in cashew  to  understand  the  nature  of  gene  action for  important  traits,  Breeding  for  reduced  tannin content  in  cashew  apples  of  popular  cultivars,  In vitro pollen germination and pollen tube growth of cashew  varieties  in  response  to  high  temperature stress, Cashew – tea mosquito bug interactions and the defensive responses, and Influence of Apis cerana and  Braunsapis  sp.  on  pollination  and  fruit  set  of cashew.  Accordingly,  the  technical  programme  of the projects for the year 2019-20 was also finalized.


Institute Joint Staff Council

The  IJSC  meeting  was  held  on  29  March  2019  under  the  chairmanship  of  Director  (Acting),  ICAR- DCR, Puttur at Kemminje campus of DCR and the agenda items were discussed for the benefit of DCR staff members.


Distinguished Visitors

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