Intellectual property (IP) in general refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols & names used in commercial activities. Ips are protected in law as patents, copyrights and trademarks. IPs enable developers to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they have invented or created. Intellectual Property Law includes Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Industrial Designs (ID), Geographical Indications (GI), Trade Secrets And Semiconductor Intellectual Property Core (SIP Core), Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmer’s Rights (PPV&FRs), Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITKs), Integrated Circuits (IC).

Patent : patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention. Patent provides the owner with the right to decide how -or who can use- the invention. The patent owner has to describe technical information about the invention as a patent document.

Copyright : Copyright is a legal rights that creators have on their literary and artistic works. Copyright cover books, musics, paintings, sculptures, films, computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps and technical drawings.

Trademarks : A sign capable of differentiating the goods or services of one firm from those of others.

Industrial Design : Is an aesthetic/visual aspect of an article consisting of 2 or 3 dimensional characteristics, such as the shape or surface of an article, patterns, lines or colour.

Geographical Indications : Signs used on goods that have a specific geographical origin and possess specific characteristics that are attributable to that place of its origin. Generally, GI includes the name of the place of origin of the goods.

Trade Secrets : IP rights for protection of confidential information that can be sold or licensed. The unauthorized infringement of such secret information is regarded as an unfair practice and may are liable for legal action.

Semiconductor Intellectual property Core (SIP Core) : In electronic devices, a semiconductor design is the IP needing protection. IP cores can be licensed or owned by a single party.

PPV&FRA : For protection of PVs developed by breeders/farmers. Its an exclusive right given to breeder to produce, sell, import, export his protected varieties. Farmers have right to sow, resow, exchange, sell his/her produce without branding.

ITK : Knowledge, innovations and practice of local/indigenous communities that can help to find solutions for problems of society.


Application/ Registration No.

Name of Innovation/

Technology/ Product/ Variety


1.Cashew moisture meter 


 Advertised in the Indian Trademark Journal  no. 2147 on 11th March 2024




Plant Variety

1.Nethra Ubhaya
2.Nethra Jumbo -1
3.Nethra Ganga

Copyright :Cashew disease (Computer software)

Copyright : DCR-Cashew Nutrient Manager Offline (Computer software)

Trademark; NETHRA

Patent : Rotating Drum Roasting Machine


Application/ Registration No.

Name of Innovation/

Technology/ Product/ Variety


1.     135/2022-CO/SW
2.     8066/2022-CO/SW
3.     29766/2023-CO/SW
4.     29769/2023-CO/SW

5.     8060/2022-CO/SW

6.     34949/2023-CO/CF
7.     34947/2023-CO/CF
8.     34952/CO/CF
9.     34876/CO/CF
10.    29769/2023-CO/SW
11.    8058/2022-CO/SW
12.    8057/2022-CO/SW
1.Soil health card generator 
2.Cashew leaf diagnosis
3.Cashew microsatellites database
4.Cashew single nucleotide polymorphisms database
5.Cashew disease and their management
6.High density and ultra-high-density planting in cashew.
7.Gerumaragalige aakara needuvike matthu savaruvike
8.Training and pruning in cashew
9.Gerinalli Sandra besaya hagu athisandra besaya
10.Cashew Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Database (CSNPDB)
11.Cashew pest management
12.Cashew Nutrient Deficiency Management
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