Last updated on: 25th January, 2023
ICAR-Directorate of Cashew Research

Threat to Pollinators

Threats to pollinators

Pollinators including wild bees and honey bees are undergoing several environmental challenges, and decline in their population is observed in many parts of the world.

The important threats for the decline of bees include habitat loss, land degradation, the introduction of non-native plant species, natural enemies including diseases, environmental pollution, pesticidal poisons, and most importantly, climate change.

In cashew, for managing tea mosquito bugs, insecticidal sprays are being taken up in the majority of cashew-growing regions of the country to prevent yield loss. Pesticides often kill directly the foraging bees, but sub-lethal amounts can also be detrimental to bees and other pollinators by disrupting their ability to navigate or forage.