Last updated on: 11th July, 2024
ICAR-Directorate of Cashew Research



Reduviids (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) are abundant and highly successful predators, and they play a vital role in the biological control of insect pests of cashew. Reduviids are present on cashew trees, weed species and shrubs found in cashew plantations throughout the year. A total of 18 species of reduviids have been recorded in cashew plantations of ICAR-DCR, Puttur.

The common species are Sycanus galbanus, Panthous bimaculatus, Irantha armiceps, Sphedanolestes signatus etc.

Most reduviid species are noticed from August to February, although a few species are present throughout the year. They feed on prey insects by pin and jab predation. Reports are available on predation of reduviids on tea mosquito bug. As they are general predators, they predate on different types of insects including ants, and caterpillars hence need to be conserved.


Photo credit to Reduviids: Dr. K.K. Srikumar, Former Student SRF, ICAR-DCR, Puttur.